We're Taking a Break!

Possibly a long break. Possibly a forever break. But before we do, we wanted to tell you a few things. 

First of all, thank you for coming along on this journey with us! It’s been so, so interesting and satisfying, every step of the way. Five things we learned:

  1. Although Unsolved Mysteries episodes are extremely vintage, many homicide cases featured on the show are still affecting real families, right this very day. We received inquiries and thank-yous from family members still grieving and searching for their loved ones. We’re honored to have lent even a tiny amount of visibility to these cases, and we came to care so much about the people featured.

  2. So, so many Unsolved Mysteries episodes are about missing or murdered white women, while the disappearances of people of color often go unnoticed, as well as unsolved. We would like to think that an updated version of the show would address this, but that could also be wishful thinking.

  3. More recent episodes on our podcast delved into strange and mystical phenomena, which seemed like a good break from murder. (Right?) That arena is, of course, full of people taking advantage of those experiencing grief, and who want to believe in something greater. At the same time, it reminded us that there is so much wonder and beauty in how people empathize and connect.

  4. Recording audio in your house often requires doing things like turning off the a/c, or telling your partner or dog to please be quiet. Some episodes were recorded in closets. Podcasters who do this regularly: we salute you and your commitment to discomfort.

  5. “Side projects remind us that we are more than the daily roles we have assigned to ourselves.” -- Sammy Bell
    You can be more than one thing. In our professional lives, we are experts at our respective crafts. To try a new side project can be glorious and liberating. And we’ve learned so much along the way that we have absolutely leveled up in audio. Also: Working with family members who share your sense of humor is an absolutely priceless gift. 

Bonus thing we learned: Robert Stack’s voice is eternal. We all have so many other creative projects going on, and so it’s time to put this one on ice. But thank you again, from the bottom of our unsolved hearts.