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This is a podcast about Unsolved Mysteries the TV show, and also unsolved mysteries, and also we are sisters.

Why we started it:

When we were kids, we use to watch a lot of television. There were certain shows we weren't allowed to watch - we weren't allowed to watch The Simpson's for some reason, and we really wanted to watch Dirty Dancing when it came on cable, but we weren't allowed to.

But for some reason, we were totally allowed to watch Unsolved Mysteries, which is basically one murder or ghost story after the next, with no resolution.

Hi mom.

Now we're all grown up and live in different places, and we don't see each other very much. But we're going back to those episodes to see how we feel about them. And also because: OK, what if we could solve a mystery?

Who we are:

  • Lisa Muscato
  • Christina Muscato
  • Lindsay Muscato

Some questions you may have

Q. Are you professional investigators?

No, nope, definitely not. This is a fan podcast. Lindsay for example has a hard time matching her socks in the morning and so probably won't be tracking down a killer any time soon. However, it just takes one person who knows something, to crack a case. We have been told.

Q. Are you professional podcasters? 

No, nope, definitely not. Lindsay is a writer and editor, Christina is a graphic designer, and Lisa is an artist and shop owner. 

Q. Well it seems like you're really out of your league here, then.

That's an aggressive and rude comment, and anyone can start a podcast, you don't have to listen to it.

Q. I love your podcast and really want to support you! 

Ok great, glad you asked, we love you too! Just give us a rating or review on iTunes; that'll be a really nice expression of support.